Greed and Fear - Daily trading signals based on mathematics and software, no opinion, no emotion, no ego. Verified trading results!

questionmarkThis site is a personal blog about trading the financial markets. In my opinion, these financial markets, but in fact all markets whether small or big are driven by the very same primal emotions of greed and fear.

Many traders who start out in this field are hoping to find the holy grail, the one trading tool that will be a 100% accurate. There's none. No matter which tool or analysis method you're using, there will always be losing trades. As a trader, a significant percentage of your trades will be failures! That's why trading is so difficult: many people don't handle failure very well.

This is where trader mentality and psychology come into play, which is an extremely fascinating subject in my opinion. In the section Trading you will find articles about these subjects.

After years of trading and having read and studied many books in this field and also that of technical analysis, I finally decided to come up with a plan to build software as a tool to do analysis. By using the software, all the emotions of greed and fear would be removed from the equation. 

This self-made software will produce trading signals that are purely based on algorithms. My personal opinion does not interfere with these signals. However, at certain moments, I may express my disbelieve in the provided signals but that will never affect the signal itself. Until now, and looking back, such a feeling of disbelieve turned out to be unjustified in most cases. This shows the true power of emotionless trading.

There's a post with a more in-depth explanation about how the software works, how it is able to learn(!)