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All daily articles with regard to the short term market movement will go here.

The markets were flat today, not really following up on the rally yesterday.

We saw a strong market today, the s&p 500 closed 16 points higher at 1142.

Today, the futures gave back some gains made in yesterday's after the bell and overnight.

All day long, the s&p futures were moving within yesterday's range, so really flat on the day. A low was put in at about 4 points higher than yesterday's low which is a good sign.

Into the close, there was some buying activity and after the bell the futures made new week highs. We still need a good up day to leave current trading range and continue upwards. Until that happens, be carefull and let the market tell us where it wants to go.

This is the first article to the market updates blog. This will continue on a daily basis as soon as the site is more complete and all the software is in place.